dimarts, 29 de gener de 2013

January's days

Anything means nothing,
is it the emptyness?
I havn't answers.
Even if I would have just one question, 
'cause maybe I would lose it
somewhere, sometime
every day, all the time.

In the seventh day of january in 2013
at 13:02 pm
this is what is happening in my head
Life is like it is

And I think on myself
 this could be and answer and also the question.

Some days after
my thoughts are carrying me
in a place where I use to be
trying to find some bruise 
just asking me
which one? 

And the days are walking  and they are to me talking

I've already discovered
 this bruise is me
and needs somewhere to be
just to become
only someone.
Not to destroy
It's to built a toy
full of joy.

 And today,
is not a cold day.

I only wanna share
what has been happenning to me
since the day I decided to be.

And that's what I am
every time,
but not in the known calendar...

I have a life
so, who cares if I'm talking about january days ?

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